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An experienced team sharing with you:
  • Strategies for capital protection and differentiation
  • Best farming opportunities
  • Best stable coin APRs
  • Best Btc, Eth and blue chip token holder strategies
  • Latest news about Defi and Crypto world
  • Coaching/ad-hoc support
  • Group lessons
  • Tutorials

DeFi Basics

Providing help for beginners on:  
  • How to operate and move tokens between
    different blockchains
  • Differences between hardware and web
  • Deposit & Withdraw funds from/to
    Cex/Dex platforms
  • When to use CrossChain bridges
  • Create & Remove LP tokens
  • Staking vs Farming 
  • Harvesting and compounding
  • APY vs APR
  • How to deal with the Impermanent Loss

DeFi Advanced

Providing help for degen farmers on:
  • Best opportunities on IDOs and token sales
  • Best yield leveraged farming and borrow/lending rates
  • Best dapps reviews
  • Risks analysis
  • Smart contract doublechecks
  • Strange movements alerts
  • Airdrops alerts and claiming tutorials
  • Insider rumors

Live and tutorial

In depth with:
  • Weekly live streaming
  • Live sessions with Q&A
  • On demand tutorials

About the team

Active in the crypto space for several years, the team members aim at providing trainings and information to the users in the simplest, clearest and most effective ways.

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